DATA CAPTURE EXPERTS founded in 2011 has its base in Melbourne, Australia.  A company providing technology solutions to organisations in regulated industries as they seek to increase efficiency, reduce costs and ensure compliance via digital transformation.

We provide software, solutions and managed cloud services for organisations in healthcare, banking, government and supply chain industries to digitalise, automate and optimise document and information intensive business processes.

We believe that the most meaningful way to create a superior client engagement in today’s digital age is to do a remarkable job with information. How you capture, manage and use enterprise information defines whether you win or lose.

We envision a future where intelligent process automation provides a simple efficient model that allows organisations to better communicate with their clients and delivers superior customer engagement at scale.

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Our mission is to simplify how organisations communicate with their customers, suppliers, partners and employees through digital transformation and positively impact the lives of
those around by providing proven software solutions.
Core values

Our core values define our culture and ‘the way we do things around here’. They inform our behaviour internally and externally.


We have strong values, a clear purpose and want to do business with integrity. We embrace honesty and trustworthiness through professional and ethical behaviour with our clients, communities and each other.


Being accountable to all our stakeholders is a virtue we practice at DCE. It includes an obligation to make things better, to pursue excellence, and to do things in ways that further the vision and goals of our customers, partners and employees.


We believe in Agility. Agility in our thinking, operations and management, is a tool to transform, change and shape our business. Every day. It helps us serving the diverse needs of our customers and partners


We apply innovative thinking to solve complex problems and adopt to the changing needs of our industry. We utilise leading edge technology, processes, systems and ideas to create and maintain a competitive advantage

“meet our technology partners”

As a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, DCE has adopted Microsoft Azure and Office365 cloud platform for content, collaboration and process management solutions, including DC2VUE platform

As a KOFAX platinum certified partner DCE provide award-winning solutions that automate document-driven business processes by managing the capture, workflow and line of business application integration

“Incoming invoicing, onboarding and registration information for new vehicles now flows straight into the Kofax system for data capture and checking, then moves into Microsoft SharePoint for greater access and collaboration. The whole department is more efficient, which has increased staff productivity and morale”

Anne Kavanagh, Shared Services Manager, Hertz Australia

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