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We’re Data Capture Experts. The ‘expert’ part comes from our position as a market leader in data and automation. Let us tell you more about our mission.

Are you keen to streamline, speed up or simplify processes which feel cumbersome to your organization and frankly, outdated? Partnering with DCE gives you access to technology solutions which digitalise, automate and optimise document and information intensive business processes. We specialise in healthcare and financial services.

What does this mean for you? It reduces your operating costs, cycle times and compliance risks while creating truly outstanding customer engagement.

Our cloud products – DC2Vue and DC2Hub – combine state-of the-art information capture, AI & machine learning technologies. We believe that adopting a digital-driven data strategy is the most meaningful way to create the kind of customer engagement most organisations can only dream of.

Digital transformation doesn’t have to be difficult. We envision a future which involves a simple and efficient model, combining your people, your processes and your content with the ultimate goal of superior decision-making. Whether that’s clinical, operational or financial, it doesn’t matter. At Data Capture Experts, we’ve got it all covered.

“80% of data created in an average business day is unstructured. This means that valuable knowledge worker time is spent on collecting, managing and finding this data. Why not use AI and machine learning to add value where it’s really needed?” 
Our story

We launched in 2011 as a technology company helping organisations to automate document-based business processes. Since our inception, we’ve helped several leading Australian organisations, in heavily-regulated industries, to succeed with digital transformation.

Data in itself, isn’t new. It’s grown exponentially in recent decades. And that’s part of the problem. We were noticing a paradigm shift in data growth, from mostly structured, and not too much of it, to mostly unstructured, and a lot of it. At the same time, we observed that valuable knowledge worker time was spent on manual and repetitive data entry tasks, filing and searching for information and documents. Not great for anyone’s bottom line.

It’s staggering to consider that some healthcare clinicians spend more than 50% of their time on admin tasks. We know from personal experience that staff in finance departments spend a major part of their day filing, organising, storing and retrieving documents related to various processes.

Businesses are constantly dealing with data, whether it comes from their customers, suppliers, partners or employees. While some have resigned themselves to the status quo, smarter businesses are continually looking for ways to use data to their advantage. They were asking the right questions. How can data be used to address business problems and to differentiate organisations within their sectors by creating better customer engagement?

We agreed that it was time to turn data on its head. But with masses of unstructured data to leverage, the task was undoubtedly challenging. Core systems of records such as ERP and EMR could not achieve this task alone. We knew that solving this challenge would require us to digitalise, optimise and automate document and information intensive business processes and integrate them with core records systems.

On our path to success, we’ve worked with several organisations in healthcare, government and financial services industries. We’ve built cloud native and mobile first digital platforms, DC2Vue and DC2Hub, to help those organisations unlock the full potential of data via intelligent automation.

Today all of Data Capture Expert’s products are configured on these flagship platforms. Customers value our ability to understand even the toughest information management challenges and apply our proven products and our solution delivery methodology to consistently deliver great results and great value, every time. We are proud of our history of strong growth and successful projects. Our extensive list of satisfied, loyal customers is proof of our ability to deliver.

Thank you for letting us share our story with you and for reading. We hope that, in the not too distant future, we can be part of your organisation's digital transformation journey.

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