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5 signs that your mental health service needs a cloud-based client management system

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Is your mental health service in crisis? Are you being asked to achieve more, but with less? With a sharp increase in the number of ED mental health admissions, particularly among the adolescent population, how can you be expected to cope? There are many benefits to adopting an automated, cloud-based mental health client management system. However, many organisations resist technological …

Accounts Payable Automation : 11 point checklist

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Accounts Payable process can be a cumbersome, time-intensive when done manually, not to mention prone to human error, delayed actions, and ultimately late payments resulting in more expenses for the company. Cloud-based accounts payable automation solution reduce manual work, accelerate invoice processing, improve supplier experience and gain greater financial control. If you are planning to automate your accounts payable process, …

Improving mental health outcomes through digital care coordination

Improving mental health outcomes through digital care coordination

Nalaka Withanage Digital Transformation, Document Process Automation, EMR, Healthcare

Each year, we mark World Mental Health Day to improve mental health awareness, education and advocacy worldwide. And for a good reason, too. Did you know that the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare estimates that, each year, around 20% of all adult Australians will suffer from some form of mental health illness? It’s more important than ever that we …

How care coordination software is reshaping the quality of mental health service delivery

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Every hour spent by a clinician treating a mental health patient creates at least 30 minutes of paperwork. Improving Mental health services quality is a complex task. It has a higher level of clinical documentation, legal and care coordination requirements. Read how modern care coordination software assist hospitals and community care services to deliver better patient outcomes. What is Care …

How to win unstructured data management challenge?

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Migrating to Office 365 ? What is your metadata strategy ?

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Are you in the process of planning your content migration to Office 365? If so have thought about your metadata strategy? The aim of this post is to highlight the importance of having a clear and consistent metadata strategy for the success of your electronic document and records management solution with SharePoint. A large variety of documents is used today: …

Top 7 SharePoint Document Scanning Best Practices

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Are you planning to scan and digitise all your paper documents and manage them electronically in SharePoint?  Then you are in the right place. SharePoint is a mature Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform that allows you to manage the full lifecycle of content in an orgnisation. However in order to get the maximum value of its rich ECM capabilities you need …

Correspondence Management Solution Framework for Microsoft SharePoint 2013

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Automatic generation of outbound documents such as correspondence, letters, contracts, policies, statements, invoices, marketing collaterals etc is a common business task that falls into the broader Enterprise Content Management (ECM).  Organisations of all sizes spend a significant amount of time responding to enquiries that demand official correspondence. What if these response times could be drastically shortened? In this post, I am going …

Top 3 must have features of a modern document management system

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Automatic document classification Manual document classification and uploading content into the document management system is slow, error phone leading to process inefficiencies. Automatic document classification can intelligently recognise the text of a inbound document or email and decide what the document is about and route it to the relevant location of your document management system where the right business process …