DCE Technical Support

Unique business requirements often mean building smart process applications that requires specialist knowledge of technology process and changing business needs. Maintaining your solution as a profitable investment requires number of proactive and reactive services on a routine basis. DCE technical support program has been designed to help you maximise your application investment as profitable business asset through continues innovation all year along.

Proactive, Reactive and value added services

Customers who have implemented a custom solution from Data Capture Experts (DCE) professional services can have the end-to-end protection of ongoing telephone, email and or on-site* support for troubleshooting, problem determination and responding to production emergencies. The DCE application support program can be purchased and is designed to give you access to dedicated solution specialists already familiar with your configuration for support and troubleshooting of your customized solution. By participating in this program, customers can have the confidence that should an issue emerge in their custom solution, DCE will assign dedicated specialist to identify and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Technical Account Management

  • A local resource, with knowledge of your customised application environment
  • Monitors any cases opened with DCE technical support to provide assistance
  • Available to provide status reporting to customer management
  • Single point of contact for all technical problems

Local Professional Services

  • Periodic Configuration / Implementation Review, Health Checks (bi-annually)
  • Health check include the identification of customer training needs and new opportunities for improvement
  • Address problems / issues in customised parts of implementation
  • Interface to professional services development team for follow up on customisation work
  • Post-Mortem analysis of critical failures with recommendations for improvement

Continuous innovation

  • A lower total cost of ownership by removing the need for employing specialized resources to support your customized solution
  • Reduced risk of business disruption as the entire solution both standard and customized is supported by one organisation
  • Your customized solution remains optimized to meet the ever changing needs of the business.