DC2Vue® is a Modular clinical information management platform built for acute, mental health and community care service providers to streamline clinical, operational and financial processes. DC2Vue® will bring together data and content, automate scanning of documents and also provide an electronic platform for the end user to complete all documentation with automation of workflow, communication and information. DC2Vue® is both interoperable, extendable and designed to take advantage of Microsoft Azure Cloud/AI technologies. This provides health service providers with a fast, flexible platform that is responsive to changing business dynamics.

Simplified Intake Process
efficient clinical documentation
Increased Productivity
Get your team performing at their best

Key Modules

Referral Management

DC2Vue® referral management module is built to optimise outpatient clinics referral triage and clinical categorisation workflow with efficient waitlist management features. It can handle multiple modes of referrals including by letter, fax and secure messaging, integrated with Patient Administration Systems (PAS) and digital medical record.

Scanned Medical Record

Medical records scanning automation and smart electronic forms capability allow clinical and admin staff immediate access to patient records, quickly fulfil ROI requests via document export, Improved information flow and significant administrative cost reductions.

Electronic Discharge Summary

Electronic Discharge Summary module provides on-demand generation of the discharge summary, configurable workflow, task list and notifications with electronic signoff features. It ensures discharge summary completeness legibility and facilitates electronic distribution to the GP and my health record.

Automated Clinical Coding

DC2Vue® Clinical auto coding module uses AI and machine learning technology to streamline clinical coding workflow, improve ICD-10 coding accuracy and revenue potential by augmenting medical coders. Builtin Electronic coding query resolution and real-time text analysis not only improves coder accuracy but speeds up the entire submission process.

Referral Management

Allows you to track and record all inbound referrals, and manage them effectively.

  • Received referrals via paper, fax and secure messaging
  • Capture referral data via machine learning
  • Streamline triage and clinical categorisation workflow

See how it addresses your organisational needs:

Easy and Real-time access to a patient's full medical record at the point of care.

The timeline view ensures clinical, and admin teams have secure and flexible of access to client records in real time, from any device at any location.

  • Easy to use modern clinical user interface.
  • Access patient's full medical record across the care continuum. ​
  • Meet freedom of information (FOI) requests fast.

DC2Vue® platform provides a complete and integrated Triage, Community and Residential Mental Health digital solution for Bendigo Health Psychiatric Services across the Loddon Mallee Region.

Electronic Discharge Summary with Clinical Coding Automation

Improve the quality, completeness and timeliness hospital discharge summaries using Intelligent automation. 

  • Accelerate discharge summary completion by linking to fragmented episodic information using intelligent bots.
  • Increase process visibility via discharge summary dashboards.
  • Augment clinical coding with AI and Machine learning.

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