For mental health service providers in acute and community care settings striving to improve quality of care, reduce costs and compliance risks DC2Vue® is a digital care coordination platform which provides clinical, operational and financial efficiencies across the care continuum. Unlike traditional Mental Health Software, DC2Vue® provides cloud-first and mobile-first features to ensure the care delivery team has flexible of access to client records, appointments and dashboards in real time, from any device at any location.

Paperless triage and assessment

Fed up of overflowing paper files stuffed into cabinets? Put an end to the chaos with electronic forms for triage, intake assessments, treatment, monitoring plans and community case management.

Flexible and robust scheduling

Reduce missed appointments and late cancellations; you’ll spend 80% less time scheduling your staff by taking into account, client preferences, staffing ratios, certifications and geographical locations.

Efficient and effective workflows

Workflows for patient access and flow, communications and patient assignment, orders management, medication administration, clinical documentation and discharge.

Real-time client record access

The timeline view ensures care delivery team has flexible access to the complete patient electronic medical record in real time, from any device at any location.

Predictive Analytics

Imagine being able to predict future suicide attempts or the risk of ED admissions. Sounds like science fiction? With our chatbots, AI and machine learning capability, it’s a reality.

Integrated real-time telehealth

Accelerate early intervention, peer support and follow-up care using real-time telehealth integrated with scheduling and clinical documentation modules.

NDIS ready

Be NDIS ready with the right software. Powerful client management features allow you to track referrals, client budgets, manage support plans and NDIS bulk claiming using a single platform.

Automated claiming and reporting

Our customisable reporting module ensures that accurate data is captured and submitted to healthcare accounting ,reporting and insurance claims management systems in a timely fashion.

DC2Vue® platform provides a complete and integrated Triage, Community and Residential Mental Health digital solution for Bendigo Health Psychiatric Services across the Loddon Mallee Region.

Need more reasons to choose our mental health software solution? No problem. We have plenty.

Patient Benefits

  • Enabling patients and family members self service access to scheduling, results and reports via patient portal and mobile apps

  • Leverage an integrated platform to effectively communicate with care givers, improve patient outcomes

  • Improve patient engagement at a distance using modern telehealth and mobile video conferencing
Clinician Benefits
  • Easy to use modern clinical user interface on desktop and mobile improve productivity and save valuable time.

  • Real-time information access and clinical workflows enable effective care team collaboration

  • With improved data quality and analytics clinicians can make informed choices at the point-of-care

Organisational Benefits
  • Embrace trusted cloud technology to secure protection, privacy, and compliance for your health data management.
  • Process standardisation and seamless data integration reduce operating costs across the enterprise
  • Complete clinical documentation help produce accurate coding and reporting for funding maximisation
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