Intelligent Process Automation
helping organisations to digitalise, optimise and automate information-intensive business processes

Why Data Capture Experts?

At Data Capture Experts, we believe that the most meaningful way to create a superior customer engagement in today’s digital age is to do a remarkable job with information. How you capture, manage and use enterprise information defines whether you win or loose. 

We don’t just automate processes — We built our company with it. Since 2011, we’ve been helping organisations in healthcare, banking, government and supply chain industries to digitalise, automate and optimise document and information intensive business processes.

Our solution offerings are designed to support business activities that are information intensive which require a higher degree of process control and visibility. This allows organisations to increase efficiency, reduce costs and compliance risks while creating superior customer engagement.

DC2Vue® platform provides a complete and integrated Triage, Community and Residential Mental Health digital solution for Bendigo Health Psychiatric Services across the Loddon Mallee Region.

Intelligent Process Automation


Capture, digitalise and transform all types of documents from the point of origination with intelligent OCR


Automate manual and repetitive tasks without altering the existing infrastructure and systems in the organisation. 


Accelerate your digital transformation with the speed of cloud deployment, operation and scalability.


Proven Software

A connected care co-ordination software platform for hospitals and community care service providers

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Transform and simplify information-rich customer interactions using the world’s first unified digital transformation platform

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“Incoming invoicing, onboarding and registration information for new vehicles now flows straight into the Kofax system for data capture and checking, then moves into Microsoft SharePoint for greater access and collaboration. The whole department is more efficient, which has increased staff productivity and morale”

Anne Kavanagh, Shared Services Manager, Hertz Australia